Super Bowl 50 is right around the corner, February 7th to be exact. With the Super Bowl being one of the largest sporting events in the U.S., it also means it has become one of the most important and expensive events for marketing!

Some of the most reputable brands like, Acura, Budweiser, Doritos, TurboTax, and PayPal have already signed on to run commercials during the Big Game on CBS. The value of Super Bowl advertising is so strong (with over 114 MILLION viewers) that these companies have actually agreed to pay $5 Million for a 30 second commercial!

Not all companies can compete with that kind of a price tag for advertising, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a taste of the Super Bowl Pie! Digital Advertising now allows every brand or business to become a part of the Super Bowl! Local and Small Business owners can even create their own Football (or Super Bowl) Marketing Campaigns and Offer Promotions related to the Game.

Here are some examples of how you can leverage Digital Channels for the Big Game this year:


Provide a better option for game watching than the couch…

Not everyone wants to watch the Super Bowl at home, and some people are much more interested in experiencing the game amongst a big crowd of fellow football fans. What will drive them to your establishment?  Use your website and Social Media Platforms to prompt your customers to “Reserve Your Favorite Table” for the game and offer drink and food specials for their party.


Promote football ready lists:

Put together your very own “Football Party Pack” filled with all of the essentials needed for the best Super Bowl Party, such as Chips, Dips, Soda and more. Engage your existing customers by constructing an Email Campaign to pre-order their Football Party Pack through you at a discounted price. Don’t be afraid to offer a Build your Own Football Party pack as well, all they have to do is order and pick up!


Make Sure Everyone Has a Big Screen to watch:

Hold a contest online to give participants a chance to win a “New Flatscreen TV” for their big Super Bowl Party. Develop a Digital Advertising Campaign that engages potential clients in your area to play your Scratch and Win Game via their Mobile Phone. One grand prize winner will win a “New Flatscreen TV” and a consultation prize could be $20 off their next TV purchase!


Get your Baked Goods in Time for the Win!

Who doesn’t want Football Shaped Cake Pops or a cake of the 2 opposing Teams Facing Off for their big Super Bowl Party? Create a targeted Facebook Campaign to show off your creations and encourage customers to “Place Your Order Now” with limited quantities available.