Did you know that boosting website traffic with mobile marketing alone is a proven way to effectively increase website traffic, gain more customers, and meet the needs of their website visitors?  It is no secret that mobile marketing is the way of the future. Don’t believe me? Here are seven ways that mobile marketing is quickly becoming a living version of the aforementioned “golden goose.”

  1. Mobile Apps:

Mobile apps are quickly becoming an alternative to using mobile websites.

The average smartphone user spends an impressive 86 percent of their time on mobile apps. This percentage is made even more impressive when you consider the fact that 79 percent of smartphone users open mobile apps on a daily basis. You can capitalize on the popularity of mobile apps by using the apps to drive more people to your website. Conversely, you can make the app available for download from your website. The duality of this approach will put your company and brand in front of multiple targeted audiences.


  1. URLs Must Be Mobile Friendly:

A responsive URL helps your web developers create the proper experience to visitors based on the device and browser that they are using. This tactic is imperative if you want to increase website traffic.

Consumers are looking for five key components of mobile friendly websites:

  • The ability to quickly find information in 3 clicks or less.
  • Clear visual paths with only a limited amount of text.
  • Fast load times (Mobile sites should load in 3 seconds or less).
  • Image files that are optimized for small screen viewing (no one wants to scroll in and out to see a photo).
  • Accessibility to social media platforms, sharing buttons, and the immediate ability to make a phone call or send an email directly from the page.
  1. Social Profiles Should Promote Websites:

All of your social media profiles, this means: Google+, LinkedIn, Foursquare, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter should include mobile URLs so that website users can click and bookmark the site for future visits. Additionally, your blog is a great way to encourage users to visit your website. Your blog should generate more website visitors. Each post should contain an internal link to a relevant portion of your website. Social media icons should be placed in the side panel, so that readers can easily share your posts on their chosen platform.

  1. Link Email and Mobile Promotion:

Viral email marketing is a fantastic, cost-effective tactic to drive more website visitors. Not only has this approach increased website visitors, but it has also had high conversion ratings. Email marketing can and should be combined with mobile promotions for the best results.


Make sure that you only use the social media icon that matches the content of the email. For example, if your LinkedIn page posts informative articles, and your email is about upcoming market trends, then you should use the LinkedIn icon in the email’s signature.

  1. Design Mobile Friendly Web Videos:

65 percent of the world’s population is visual learners. To appeal to this growing majority of individuals, mobile marketers are leveraging the power of mobile videos.. Posting website URLs within video clips on YouTube can help you to direct more users to your website. You can also use YouTube’s TrueView to efficiently market to a larger consumer audience.


  1. Calendar Event Integration:

With the growing amount of time spent on mobile devices, individuals have started to sync their emails, calendars, and contacts to both mobile and desktop platforms. With this in mind, calendar integration has quickly become a fantastic way to capitalize on high click-through rates for mobile banner ads. To leverage this innovative idea, try implementing the following steps:

– Create a compelling mobile banner advertisement for your product or service.

– When the user clicks on the ad, automatically direct them to your website’s calendar.

– Additionally, the ad click should create an event on their calendar that reminds them of the upcoming sale, promotion, or other offering.


By integrating calendar events with banner ads, you can effectively improve conversion rates, as well as higher follow-through rates from prospective customers.


In conclusion, these mobile marketing tips can help you to drastically increase website traffic. When the users do arrive at your site, make sure that your desktop, mobile, or responsive websites have been optimized to best meet the needs and expectations of your customers.