It was a simpler time, back then … before the rise of DVRs and streaming video services.

Back then, when people said they were “watching TV,” they meant that they were actually watching TV — a.k.a. watching the programming that the TV stations were broadcasting.

During those early days of TV watching, viewers had no choice but to sit through the advertisements that played during their favorite shows. You just had to sit there and let the interruptive gloating of businesses wash over you, like a giant wave. A giant, loud, annoying wave.

Of course, not all TV ads were, or are, completely awful. (And yes, by “are” I’m reminding you that companies still pay for TV ads.)

Despite their interruptive nature, some TV ads actually do a good job of reaching a target audience and encouraging folks to engage with companies online. In our new guide, Inboundy Outbound: How to Do Traditional Marketing the Inbound Way, I dive a little deeper into how marketers can use TV to supplement their inbound strategies.

But before exploring the right way to do TV ads, I highly recommend watching the ads below, as they’ll give you a greater understanding of what not to do.

In no particular order …